Energy Tips

Tips On Keeping Home Energy Costs Down

Doing small things can help the environment more than you think. Even getting into the habit of turning off the lights when you leave the room can leave a big impact on global energy. If everyone started to do it more, the results would be astronomical. And that’s why doing your part to reduce your home energy use will not only save you money, but you’ll have more peace of mind knowing that you did your part to help the earth. And best of all, these tips won’t even require much effort on your part!

Saving Water

waterearthSaving water can be easy – small things like turning off the faucet when you brush your teeth can save quite a few gallons a day, especially for larger households. Using a dishwasher actually saves more water than doing dishes by hand with the water running. Another thing that some friends have done is to not always flush the toilet every time they take a tinkle. Another option would be to get a European style toilet that has a small and large flush setting. There are also steps you can take to make sure that your toilet doesn’t fill with a lot of water, as many older toilets do.

Saving On Heating And Air Conditioning

Saving on regulating the temperature of your home can be quite easy! Simply ensure that your blinds are down on hot summer days to avoid overheating your home with solar rays. Additionally, in the winter try to let in as much sunlight as possible. Another improvement that technology can make in your home energy costs is to invest in a self-learning thermostat that can be controlled from your mobile device. If you’re going to be home from work later you can reset your thermostat to stay off for another couple of hours. This adds up quite a bit over the course of a year, and will save you money as well.

Turn Off and Unplug Appliances

Some appliances don’t turn off when you shut them off. They simply go into “standby” mode. If this is the case, set everything up with a power strip so that once you turn off your appliances, you can switch off the power strip if you’re not going to be using them. This is also great for when you’re traveling. Also, don’t let your computer run all day long. A lot of times people will let their home PC’s run all day, but this sucks up a lot of electricity. If you’re avoiding turning off your PC because it tends to take forever to boot up, you can spend a little time cleaning it out which will make it easier to turn on and off. Once I personally cleaned up my PC and reinstalled Windows I can turn it on and off in 30 seconds or less. It’s helped me save a lot on my electric bills. There are software tools that can help clean a PC quickly and easily, and this site helped me find a few good ones.